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Asian women have long been admired in the West for having unique and
exotic natures or beauty. However, most erotic Websites featuring Asian women, primarily concentrate on the younger Asian woman!

This Website is NOT for men into "little girls" or women below the age of
30! We will instead, feature mature Asian women, from the ages of 30 to 70+... And also offer a place for them to communicate with their admirers, including younger men seeking older Asian ladies; Asian ladies seeking younger men; and the older Asian lady seeking the older gentleman or perhaps someone her own age.

If this happens to appeal to you, then we welcome you as a member...
And welcome your inputs or suggestions to make the Website better.
We want to be a adult place for friendship, communication, dating, or
information and opportunities for sexy mature Asians.

We also welcome those currently dating or married to an older Asian
woman, -- mixed race ( Asian and NON-Asian ) or where both parties
are Asian... Especially those who travel extensively, like the military
or a businessman familiar with Asia... Or anyone native to a "Pacific
Rim" or Pacific Island nation.

The interest in mature Asian women is now quite strong... However,
few places exist for meeting an older Asian woman, or for obtaining information or material featuring Asian women over the age of "30".

Thus, if you are a gentleman seeking to meet an older Asian woman
or mature Asian lady seeking to socialize or meet someone, you are
invited to place a personal ad with us! However, we especially seek
older Asian actresses, models or entertainers...

If you're a mature Asian actress, entertainer or model, please see the
above "Model" or "Help Wanted" Button... Or contact us! Especially
current or former Japanese "URABON" models and actresses... Yet,
we seek ALL nationalities or ethnicities of Asian lady from the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

We will offer information and advice on how to legally earn money
on the Internet as well as set up appointments with professionals
in the adult business... And even if you live in country that restricts
nude or erotic pictures, they are quite legal in the U.S.A., Canada,
and Western Europe.

Thus, if you are accepted as a model, we could schedule you for
an appoinment with our photographer in Hollywood if you happen
to visit or already live in Los Angeles area... Or we can purchase
your pictures from you. Plus, you can earn money referring other
persons to our Website!

Erotic Modeling is one of best kept money-making secrets on
the Internet today, with women of every age and looks making
money in their spare time... And the shortage of mature Asian
lady models or entertainers, makes the area quite "open"!

So, send us your pictures for review. They can be lingerie or
"Bikini" as well as nude. However, nudity is NOT required, or
you have the option of remaining "anonymous" in any nudes.
And even if erotic modeling is not for you, perhaps you have
some female friends or relatives who might be interested in
part-time work or earning extra money?

We especially seek anyone currently living in or visiting Asia
frequently. Especially fluent in Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog,
Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, etc. Please contact us to discuss
opportunities for expanding in Asia. Thanks
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